What’s This All About

Most people are from very diverse walks of life and for the most part know nothing of each other. that holds significantly true on the internet. We should take the opportunity provided by this technology to learn more from each other than to dispute. For the most part that has been the primary reason of this blog. We make it a point to link to interesting articles about technology, philosophy, legal, civil, science, politics, history, and other matters that are important to the culture of humanity and evolution in the 21st century as a whole which eventually ends up allowing us to learn more about each other and giving us a little insight into other cultures, traditions and values. Besides, I enjoy reading and sharing.

Hulleye is a pun on my surname. As for the letters and numbers on top, good luck trying to figure out what they stand for. Same with Mary Road.

So leave a comment, give us some feedback, initiate a conversation, get upset and sing some praise. It’ll be fun.

You may reach me at abbas@abbashalai.com.

12 thoughts on “What’s This All About

  1. A very interesting blog! lot of fun to read and reflect about.

    I popped in here just of a coincident, since I think we share the same surname “halai”…

    keep on blogging, and I will continue reading

  2. Hey, I would like to thank you for the link back. I’m honoured that you like my post about the Most Frustrating Mario Bros Mod Ever. Come back whenever you want. I think you’ll like a lot of what I have on my blog.


  3. umm… it has its ‘novelty’ value. most of the links / referances you put up here are new for me. and almost always i find links that help me kill time at work. DTD was hella addictive :>

  4. Salam Hulleye, i was going through some of the older comments on my blog and was sad to see that a lot of those people no longer blog. Good to see you’re not one of them :)

  5. Thanks for the link.
    Thanks for your smart and funny blog (I like tech and I like curious hopeful people)
    Like Mary Road, Ditzy Wallflowers has a story but I do think I’ll be explaining sometime soon.

  6. salam, Halai
    how are you and where are you?
    searching for you on facebook and got this link
    it`s very long long time…..
    anyway, its nice and yes… you always DO NICE :)
    would be pleasure if you drop few words :)
    take care

  7. Hullo Hulleye!
    Was thinking about the old blogdom and associates so wandered back to find out if you were still kicking. Hope all is well on your end of the ether. May much virtual affection find its way to you :)

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