6 thoughts on “mumm-ra, the everliving…

  1. O.M.G. are you serious?! i think i just died.

    how did you like the hulk?
    “hulk smash” :D that was my favourite line. been going around saying it to everyone for the last two days…
    dunno though. the movie made me want to watch ironman again :D
    “hulk smash!”

    cant wait for thundercats. or summer 2011. (i watch all the marvel movies with a comicbook freak geek freak)

    “hulk smash?”

  2. man IRONMAN is such an ass movie. more fictitious and funny than any Pakistani movie. Just to degrade Talibans, they came up with a movie which was too much beyond the reality(the IronMan technology)

  3. it’s called “iron man” adnan. it’s meant to be fiction, not reality. and if the russians complained about each time they got portrayed as the bad guys in film because of the cold war, hollywood would have ceased to exist a long time ago. get with it, the taliban are no better than the russians they kicked out. if you’ve ever read any comics as a kid, you wouldn’t have posted such an idiotic comment.

    as for hulk, yes it was good. though i liked ang lee’s version just as much.

    as for the new thundercats….all i gotta say is “heh”.

    next up…dark knight returns.

  4. I grew up watching Thundercats. I’m a huge fan. When the Fantastic Four, X-men and all the Super Hero movies started coming out, I started wondering when Thunder Cats was coming out? I always said if they ever make the movie Duncan had to play Pantoro….And there he is as pantoro. Loved it. The cast is perfect except the person playing the main character Lionel….He doesn’t fit. He doesn’t look Big enough. You guys need to find a BIG Muscular (Like Duncan’s Built), white guy for this role. Kinda like the guy who played in Thor. (But Bigger) That look. This will make or break this film. It’s gotta be perfect or it will flop. Out of curiosity who’s playing wiley Kit & wiley Kat?

    I wish you good progress in getting this up and out. Best wishes, Jnet

  5. This is obviously a hoax…. as you can tell all these pics have been altered from other pics taken off the internet. Such as Uma Therman’s pic is from a scene she prob did for Kill Bill, and Hugh Jackman’s pic is from a scene X-men, don’t really see him being picked to play Tygra, the roles are too similar characteristic wise. Also Al Pacino’s pic was definitly used from the Scar Face, he looks way too young there. I really hope that if they were to make a Thundercats movie that they would be way more creative costume wise and i’m sure there would be alot of CG added affects before it’s all done and said!

    However with that being said I do believe whoever did make this picture was very clever, very orignal Idea! Great use of Imagination@

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