server down part deux

computer associates server support, unlike compaq, costs $350 US and is only available after 8 am. they officially suck.

24 hours

twenty four hours in the office in a very cold server room in a very cold country really sucks.


scientists at harvard university have shown how ultra-cold atoms can be used to freeze and control light to form the “core” — or central processing unit – of an optical computer. optical computers would transport information ten times faster than traditional electronic devices, smashing the intrinsic speed limit of silicon technology.


from boing boing

“you could arrange boy holding a pile of wood, and a cowboy staring knowingly into his eyes all day long and not get a more suggestive pose than this.”

server down

it’s unbelievable. compaq support only costs $35 per incident for a business. i hate it when i have to troubleshoot scsi.


for anyone interested. pics are up.

mangni etc.
shadi etc.

working 9 to 5

ever sit around the office wondering what the heck you are doing here? what is it that you do that contributes to the economy, to the community, to the people around you and close to you?

dolly parton was a horrid actress. what the heck was jane fonda doing on that show? three female employees of a “sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical bigot” find a way to turn the tables on their employer.

can anybody say 80′s?

oh, in other news…inzi kicks ass.

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